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At Sri Vennala Packaging , We Make Quality Packaging Products Which Connects Everyone Together. We Manufacture Top Quality Yet Cost Effective Solutions For Packaging. We Have Always Believed In Delivering Values For Our Clients.We Give Customised Packaging Solutions To Big E-Commerce Companies To SMEs.

  • “Our vision is to give end to end solutions for all packaging needs to our customers ”
  • “Our mission is to deliver cost effective yet top quality product to our customers ”

Heavy duty corrugated box manufacturer and supplier

Sri Vennala Packaging is one of the largest 7 ply corrugated boxes manufacturer and supplier. Best-in-class infrastructure and skilled workforce make us who we are. We have 7-ply, 5-ply and 3-ply corrugated boxes and corrugated sheets. Corrugated boxes are considered best suited for shipments of ready goods of different industries. Many of the products are heavy in weight which is the reason that 7-ply corrugated boxes are just perfect to be used.

Unique Features of Sri Vennala Packaging

Sri Vennala Packaging is a premium product range . Its an effective form of transit/shipping packaging which provides protection, identification, economy and performance with an eye towards conservation of nature. Here are some of the features


T-Folder Boxes

This Is A Folder Type Of Corrugated Box. This Is Usually Made Out Of A Single Sheet Of Corrugated Board. The Bottom Of The Box Type Is Hinged To Make The Side-Walls And The Cover. The Erection Of This Box Type Does Not Includes Stitching And/Or Gluing. In Some Of The Designs, Where Utmost Needed, Locking-Tabs, Handles And Display Panels Can Be Infused Into It.

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets Are The Semi-Products In Manufacturing Of Corrugated Boxes. All Corrugated Boxes Are Made Of Corrugated Sheets. It Is Made On Machines Called Corrugators. It Is Also Known As Corrugated Fiberboard, Corrugated Cardboard. Unlike General Cardboard Which Might Be Containing Heavy Paper-Pulp Based Board, Corrugated Boards Are Made Of One Corrugated Paper Sheet Sandwiched Between Two Normal Paper Sheets. Based On The Usage, Different Types Of Corrugated Sheets Are Used On The Basis Of Thickness In Terms Of Layers Of Papers Used In Making.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-Cut Boxes Are Made To Order For The Specific Requirements. Die Cut Boxes Are Made Using Dies Which Needs To Be Created Once. The Die Consists Of Blades In A Specific Technique Using Which A Box Is Cut-Out From A Corrugated Board.

RSC Variants

RSC Stands For “Regular Slotted Boxes”. They Are The Most Generalized Boxes Around The Globe. Their Design Is Standardized In A Manner That Maximum Of All Types Of Contaminants Can Be Packed Inside These Boxes.

Palletized Boxes

Palletized Boxes Are Attached To A Pallet From Their Bottom. Palletized Boxes Are Large In Size And Are Generally Used For Bulk Shipments And Exports. These Boxes Are Most Widely Used In International Shipping.

Corrugated Trays

Corrugated Trays Are Open From The Top. They Are Widely Used To Contain And Ship Products Which Are Contained In Bottled And Hence Beverage Packaging Is One Of The Major Usage Of It. Other Products From FMCG And Food Industry Also Find The Corrugated Trays Perfect For The Containment.

Market Segment

Packaging products which revolves around the globe

Packaging is a basic requirement of any product and any business would need a packaging which not only suffices the product safety but also contributes to the appearance and branding. Besides, proper packaging is required in the industries where transportation comes into perspective. We are helping people pack their products efficiently, getting more efficient, and we are expert in providing packaging solutions to almost any segment of the market. From Solar to Automobiles, from jewelry to FMCG, From bulk shipments to retail transportation needs, we have all solutions available with us.

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